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🏢 Headquarters : Mauritius
✅ Regulators : FSC
💵 Minimum Deposit : $1000
💹 Leverage : 1:500
UTrade Markets is a Safe forex & Crypto broker. Regulated - FSC company - UTrade Markets ltd . ✔ To find the more best brokers reviews Listed.
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UTrade Markets

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UTrade Markets General Information

👤 Broker Name : UTrade Markets
🏣 Company Name : U Trade Markets Ltd
📅 Foundation Year : 2022
✅ Regulated by : FSC
🏢 Headquarters : Mauritius
📉 Broker Type : ECN/STP

💵 UTrade Markets Minimum Deposit :

💹 Maximum Leverage : 1:500
💱 Base Currency : USD
🇺🇸 US Traders :

Our UTrade Markets Review

UTrade Markets has surged ahead to become the best Forex broker of 2023. It’s no wonder that this gem, regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius, has captured the hearts of traders worldwide.

The availability of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) as its trading platform is a masterstroke. MT5 is known for its state-of-the-art features and intuitive interface. The ease with which one can navigate through the technicalities of Forex trading on this platform is unparalleled.

An outstanding feature that sets UTrade Markets in a league of its own is the extensive range of tradable instruments. With over 1500 instruments at one’s disposal, the possibilities are limitless. From currency pairs to commodities, indices, and stocks, the diversity is both impressive and empowering.

What’s more, UTrade Markets has revolutionized convenience by offering an exhaustive array of payment methods. This attention to client needs speaks volumes about their commitment to providing an unrivaled trading experience.

Their customer support deserves a standing ovation. The professionalism and promptness with which queries are addressed is exemplary. It’s like having a co-pilot in the thrilling journey of Forex trading.

In conclusion, UTrade Markets has set a gold standard in Forex trading. With robust regulation, a stellar trading platform, an extensive array of tradable instruments, diverse payment options, and top-notch customer service, it’s crystal clear why UTrade Markets is the kingpin of Forex brokers in 2023.

Trading Preference

🎮 Demo Account :

Payment Options

💳 Deposit Methods : Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Bank wire, Crypto currency
💳 Withdrawal Methods : Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Bank wire, Crypto currency

Trading Features

📊 Trading Platforms : MT5
📱 Mobile Trading :


🏆 Contest :

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👥 24-Hours Support :
👥 Support During Weekends :
🌐 Web Form :
💬 Live Chat :
🤙 Call-Back :
✔️ Support Language : Multilingual

Contact Information

🌐 Website : www.utrademarkets.com
📧 E-mail : [email protected]
☎️ Telephone : +23052970932
📠 Fax : N/A
📮 Address : Suite 803, Hennessy Tower, Pope Hennessy street, Port Louis, Mauritius

User Feedback

41 Reviews

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    1. I earned good profits using this platform

    2. I got $700 in profits by investing $2000 i think it is the best return i can from my investment

    3. I have being trading in this platform from couple of months i am satisfied with services

    4. Very good platform
      They are providing good service
      Charges are less
      Getting withdrawal on time

      1. True to their words.successfully been trading from last 4 months. lost some made some but completely satisfied. easy deposits easy withdrawals..usually I dont post reviews posting this on request

  2. I invested 1400$ and earned 527$ profits in the end of month but suddenly I lost 234$ due to my mistake.

    1. withdraw you capital, otherwise you will lose soon.

    2. My experience I just invested just $1000 minimum,
      1st month I made

  3. To my experience i invested $2000 initially and made $647 first month and $488 in ither month so far my experience is upto mark highly recommended.

    1. withdraw your capital, otherwise you will lose soon.

    2. I start trading $1000 good service, make withdrawal i got
      Good company and good support from manager


    My friend and I embarked on a trading journey with Utrade Markets, lured in by persistent phone calls from their marketing team. Intrigued by their seemingly accurate market tips, we decided to invest $1000 each to start trading on their platform. Admittedly, we didn’t thoroughly research the company or its reviews, as our contact at Utrade assured us that negative reviews were simply the result of rival companies’ smear campaigns. He even suggested a test: invest $100, request a refund, and check if we could withdraw the money. His persuasive tactics led us to take the plunge.

    Initially, our assigned Relationship Manager (RM) seemed like a trustworthy guide. He provided us with tips that yielded modest profits, roughly $40 to $50 per month. However, the tone changed when he started urging us to invest more funds. He promised a superior portfolio and enticing bonuses. While we were initially hesitant, his insistence wore us down, and we eventually complied. At first, the additional investments did yield some profits.

    Then, the situation took a darker turn. Our RM began playing manipulative games with our investments. He instructed me to buy a substantial amount of platinum, only to claim later that I had misunderstood him and it was actually palladium. He shifted the blame onto me, effectively trapping our funds by hedging the trades. To regain access to our money, he insisted we invest even more and promised to un-hedge the funds within 10 days. Trusting his word, we added more funds to our accounts.

    However, our optimism was short-lived. Utrade Markets continued to manipulate our trades, causing us to lose money. I initially believed these losses were due to my own mistakes, but it soon became apparent that my friend was experiencing the same deceitful tactics. He was advised to buy “crown,” only to be informed later that it was “cron,” resulting in significant losses. Once again, all trades were hedged, making it nearly impossible for us to withdraw our funds.

    We feel compelled to share our harrowing experience to warn others. Utrade Markets are nothing short of fraudulent operators who exploit the hard-earned money of unsuspecting investors. They employ cunning and deceit to siphon funds from individuals, displaying a complete lack of remorse. These actions are nothing short of financial terrorism. We implore you to share this message widely and caution anyone you know against engaging with Utrade. They are unequivocally scam artists who should be avoided at all costs. Protect your financial well-being and stay far away from Utrade Markets.

    1. Ashish can we talk ?

    2. You are absolutely right. Big scammers. RM is initially very sweat and seems trustworthy but his tone changes and becomes rude if you don’t invest more. He forces you to invest more. I made the mistake and lost 20000USD.

    3. Same happened with me and I was made fool. Lost 20000USD. I really couldn’t believe myself how I made such a blunder by trusting them. I was completely unaware of online trading but being an educated person I shouldn’t have trusted them

    4. Ashish can we talk where r u based


  6. Platform is well good, i made profit and loss both but overall am in profit , relationships which i get he is very good keep attention to my account and portfolio

  7. Recently I started my investment and treding journey I started with $5000 and I made returns of $2000. There are some trades which will take time to come in positive but patience is key when it comes to stock markets.
    The support here is amazing and they will constantly provide good opportunities according to you capacity.
    It’s a worth giving it a try.

  8. I started my account with $1000 and I made some profit. I started adding some more funds to make my portfolio bigger.
    Great Support by manager and got withdrawals to check the reliability, I got whatever i requested and got some accurate market update as well.

  9. Recently I started my investment and treding journey I started with $5000 and I made returns of $2000. There are some trades which will take time to come in positive but patience is key when it comes to stock markets.
    The support here is amazing and they will constantly provide good opportunities according to you capacity.
    It’s a worth giving it a try.

  10. I am satisfied with service’s I started with 1000$ I made 267$ in one week average I am make 30-45$ daily basis. You can go with this platform but you have to be patience it takes time to learn market

  11. I am happy with services. Deposits and withdrawals are on time and easy process that’s all we need.

  12. My experience with Utrade is excellent and I started with a basic amount and now I have build my portfolio after 3 months.
    Good services from the company and manager.

  13. Good service

  14. Excellent customer support service.
    And this platform is really good in dubai,
    I am getting withdrawal on time also.

  15. I earned good profits using this platform. I invested 2000 and I got good returns.

  16. Hi, it can be considered as a reliable broker for long term, assosiated with u trade since 7 months. so far so good. touchwood 😛

  17. good services

  18. Good broker.made money, was able to collect withdrawals on time. U trade markers partnership program and referral bonuses have been a great incentive. Wish luck to all

  19. This guys are awesome some minor improvements should done for better service about client handling according to portfolio anyways i like services

  20. I associated with Utrade back in 2019. Since then we have a good relation between us. I have referred my business partners as well. I never share my profits with anyone so sorry that I can’t reveal my portfolio for obvious reasons, but I was asked a favor from Utrade to just give some feedbacks on their services as we have been in business for quite long. Lastly I can assure you that it is worth it!. They can help you.

  21. I have put $1000 then in a month. I get a good returns good platform to invest

  22. Very good platform I invested 1500$ and now i have 3500$ in my account only in 1,1.5months very fast withdrawal and service

  23. Ashish can we talk where r u based

  24. First I checked the reviews and i plan that i will not do but by taking riski put 1000$ and get good returns then i put 30000$ and now i withdraw the profit of 76000$ dont judge by reviews its a very good platform and very friendly people

  25. Best experience ever

  26. Low spreads, same day withdrawal, swap free account. One of the best platform

  27. Good platform to have a side income

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