Forex Live Contests

Forex Live Contests held on a real money account that requires a particular amount of deposit from the participants. Generally, the participants allow withdrawing their profits made during the contest along with the prize fund. The terms and conditions remain the same for all participants.

Forex Live Contests 2021 List






JustForex » Great 7 Trading Contest


1st Prize : 500 USD Available For : All clients Validity Date : 2021-04-15


MFM Securities » Anniversary competition, Win Big Prizes

MFM Securities

Prizes : Ford Ranger Available For : All clients Validity Date : 2021-07-16




Prize Fund : 10000 USD Available For : Live Trader Validity Date : 2021-04-30


FXCM » $1K Monthly Trading Contest


Prizes : 500 USD Available For : All clients Validity Date : 2021-12-31


Forex4You » Trading Hero, Live Contest


Prize Fund : 3095 USD Available For : Live Trader Validity Date : 2021-12-31


Lirunex » Fast-Achievers Contest 2021


Prizes : Available For : All clients Validity Date : 2021-02-10


JustForex » New Year Trading Contest 2021


Fund : 500 USD Available For : All Clients Validity Date : 2021-03-15


OspreyFX » Christmas Contest, Win $1K


Contest : Prizes Available For : All clients Validity Date : 2021-12-31


Promax » #$50K Winner Champion Contest


Contest : $50K Available For : All clients Validity Date : 2021-12-31


OctaFX » #Live Contest for $50 Deposit, Win 16 Car & more Prizes


Contest : Prizes Available For : All clients Validity Date : 2021-08-17


TriumphFX » #Live Trading Competition 2020


Contest : Available For : All clients Validity Date : 2020-12-31



Traders Trust

Contest : $5000 Available For : All clients Validity Date : 2021-12-31


Cabana Capitals » #Change Game Contest Big Prizes

Cabana Capitals

Prizes : Available For : Everyone Validity Date : 2020-05-31


FXTM » Live Contest, $70K Fund, iPhone & More


Fund : $70K Available For : All Clients Validity Date : 2021-12-31

Forex Live Contests and Competitions

Forex Live Contests & competition

A Comprehensive Guide To Forex Live Contests

You can earn money on the FX market in various ways, one of which is through the forex live contests. A forex live contest is a contest hosted by an online broker for traders to participate and win real money.

In this post, we will walk you through the benefits of forex live contest, how to win in a contest, and much more. Before you participate in a live contest, ensure you first participate in a demo contest to learn how a forex contest works. When you have garnered enough experience, you can then join a real contest to win monetary rewards. The contest usually holds daily, weekly, or monthly.

Benefits of The Forex Live Contests?

Aside from placing ordinary trades, a forex live contest allows you to win real money or prizes. When you win in a competition, your morale to continue trading will increase, and you will also share from other traders’ experience.

What’s more? Participating in a forex live contest will also improve your trading confidence for more excellent opportunities. Lastly, it is a great opportunity to carry out a self-assessment of your trading skills.

 How to Win a Forex Live Contest?

 No hard and fast rule applies to winning a forex live contest. For you to win in this contest, follow these simple instructions, and hopefully, you would be announced as the winner of the contest:

  1. Read the contest’s rules and regulations very carefully – from beginning to end.
  2. Follow the market trend or news trends because they influence the market.
  3. Join contests that are easier for you.
  4. Consider the financial regulations of your broker.
  5. Find out if there is any deposit to be made.
  6. Ensure you have sufficient funds to participate in the contest.
  7. Provide only genuine documents or information, as your broker may disqualify you if they suspect incorrect information.

Picking the Right Forex Broker

The forex broker you choose can make or mar your chances of winning in a contest. Therefore, before you participate in any forex live contest, ensure you find out whether or not the prizes promised by the broker will be redeemed. Your winnings may be at risk if you choose a broker that is not reputable.

Slow And Steady Wins The Contest

If you go into the contest unprepared, the chances are that you may crash out a few hours after starting the competition.

The best way to win in a contest of this nature is to maintain a slow and steady pace and not be involved in risky moves. Therefore, start your contest slowly and walk your way up while taking only calculated risks.

Final Thoughts

Okay. That’s it. Overall, forex live contests present an excellent opportunity to double or even triple your money. However, it comes with its own risks. One of the apparent risks is that you may lose your hard-earned money to other traders or those you are in the contest with.

Let us emphasize at this point that on no account should you participate in this type of contest with the money you cannot afford to lose. Doing so means risking your happiness.

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