Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) Dates 2020

NFP (The non-farm payroll) figure is a major economic index that measures the employment situation in the USA, which means the number of people on the payrolls of all non-agricultural businesses.

The nearest NFP release for September
September 04, 2020 – at 8:30 am EST

It indicates the number of jobs added from the previous month, excluding farm employees, government employees, private household employees, and employees of N.G.O.

Non-Farm Payroll is Published by the US Department of Labor – is a major economic indicator of the United States economy that impacts the US dollar, equities, gold, and many other Financial instruments.

The NFP data is generally released on the first Friday of each month, at 8:30 am EST – cause large movements in the Financial market.

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NFP schedule 2020

 Month   Date Financial Event
January 10 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for January 2020)
February 7 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for February 2020)
March 6 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for March 2020)
April 3 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for April 2020)
May 8 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for May 2020)
June 5 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for June 2020)
July 3 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for July 2020)
August 7 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for August 2020)
September 4 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for September 2020)
October 2 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for October 2020)
November 6 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for November 2020)
December 4 NONFARM PAYROLLS (for December 2020)


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  1. Please I wish to ask ” Non-Farm Payrol for January, is it on Dec 3 or Dec 10 ?

    Please let me know, because we are confused by what blogs and analysts are broadcasting on nets,

  2. get your facts straight. January 2020 nfp is on the 2nd Friday.

    1. Why does such happen. same also as month of May NFP, instead of having it on 1st of May it was had on 8th
      (is it first Friday of a new week in the the months?).
      With what I saw here, that of July will be 3rd not 10th as I thought

  3. What do you guys suggest abt this coming nfp will it be positive?

  4. Ndimkoha Chukwudi Richard

    It’s usually first Friday of the month and not second Friday.

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