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Introduction to FINMA Regulation

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority or FINMA is the largest regulator of the financial market of Switzerland. This regulator is completely independent & autonomous. And the fund for the operation comes from the levies of the FINMA forex brokers who are operating their business in the Swiss market.

The main focus of FINMA in forex market is to monitor and ensure the fair play and legal status of banks, asset management agencies, security exchange firms, insurance providers who are participating in money making world.Additionally, maintaining the directive of Federal act 2002 on Financial Market Supervisory Authority, this organization is working as a middleware / merge between among Swiss Federal Banking Commission & the Anti-Money Laundering Control Authority also.

 What does mean “for FINMA REGULATED Broker” for a Retail Forex Trader?

Not only for Forex, but also for all types of money investment Switzerland is the most famous country of the world. And that’s why they are also very serious in FX regulations so that their fame as a safeguard of invest doesn’t hurt any how. Therefore, FINMA REGULATE Broker means a lot for retail brokers because these regulations are made to avoid all the incidents those are harmful for retail brokers. More precisely we can say:

  • The privacy of retailers is always safe in every situation.
  • FINMA is always aware of manipulation. So, one of their core mission is making a manipulation free market for the retailers.
  • Based on your complains and experiences regarding brokers, FINMA maintains a watch list which is used to monitor the quality of the trade. It saves the retailers from being victim of all kinds of abusive practice.

The Implications of Rules & Regulatory Protocols on FINMA Brokers

FINMASA (Financial Act on the Financial Market Supervisory Authority) is always trying to protect the functionality of financial market and gives operation license to broker in terms of some rules and regulatory protocols. They confirm the authenticity of the documents of the brokers. Besides, then also confirm whether the terms & policies of a company follow the law or not. And finally, by calculating the growth, quality of trade, loyal to law and the accountability to clients and market FINMA approves their members.

FINMA completes regular audit on brokers, but don’t impose any rule those are heavy to maintain. However, these rules are fair enough to create a level playing field in terms of the competitors. As a result, liquidity reduces and the practice of ethical trading takes places.

 Safety Aspects: The Compensation Scheme of FINMA Regulated Brokers

Switzerland has always a leading role in Financial market. And their scheme always makes the brokers happy without hampering the rights or satisfaction of general public. To make your fund safe, FINMA tries to minimize the liquidity, fraudulent and bankruptcy. Furthermore, it also notices the financial restructure of the company on a regular so that if a broker want to make any instant changes with your money, they can instantly compromise the attempt.

 Verifying the Authenticity of FINMA Regulated Forex Brokers

There are only a few FINMA regulated brokers because of the tight rules and high capital requirements. That’s why, you can easily check the authenticity of the brokers who are claiming to have their membership with FINMA. Still, if you’ve any confusions here we are giving an authentic list here so that you need not have to be busy in FINMA Forex Investigation in stead of getting busy in money making.

 FINMA Regulation & Forex Brokers in Switzerland

Under the act of Swiss financial market all licensed broker has to follow the rules. Any rule violence can lead them to fines and even to the cancellation of license. And this is type of issues, FINMA can ask the license or other related documents from their members & members are bound to obey the instruction. So every FINMA brokers should know & follow this rules before applying for FINMA regulation.


FINMA is completely focus on Switzerland market & only if you are passionate about trading there, I think choosing a FINMA regulated broker can make a safe passage for you. And it’ll also save your research time. But if you’ve a plan to trade globally, then may be its better enlist some brokers from other regulatory bodies.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What does FINMA do?

FINMA monitors the Swiss Financial market under the law of Switzerland and try to make a safe corridor between the brokers and retails mainly that can make both side happy and benefitted.

How Does FINMA Operate?

The cost of operation comes from a certain charge from the member companies. And the law of operations is mainly the Federal act 2002 on Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

So, I have A Complaint against an FINMA Forex Broker, What Should I Do?

If your complain are related to any terms violation of FINMA regulation, then you can forward your complain directly to FINMA main authority. The complains other than terms violations are depends on either it is relevant to FINMA or not. If it is related to FINMA, then definitely you can also let them know about them. But if you’ve a complain on a FINMA Regulated broker but those are not about or related to FINMA regulation, then its better for you to decide what to do based on that situation.

Are FINMA Regulated Brokers Reliable?

Yes. Without any hesitation you can trust a FINMA Regulated broker.

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