FBS » Bimonthly Demo Contest, Cash Prizes

Bonus Summary

Available For : Everyone
Validity Date : 2023-12-31
Bonus Amount : Cash Prizes

FBS League is a bimonthly demo trading contest allows traders to trade with virtual money to win cash prizes. Trade with the demo fund and become the top-5 profitable traders as solo player or as part of a team. Participate now and try your skill to list your name on the winner’s list.

fbs demo contest

FBS Tow Weekly Demo contest

Contest Schedule –

  • Start – At the Every 2 weeks.
  • End –   At the end of the week
  • Duration – 2 Week
  • Registration – Available till the contest ends.
How to Participate:
  • Register for the contest

Contest Prize –

  • 1st place – For $450 USD | 2nd place – for $250 USD | 3rd place – for $150 USD |  4th place – for $100 USD | 5th place – for $50 USD
Cash Out:
  • Prize Money – Yes, Prize money is withdrawable.
  • PROFITS – Yes


FBS 2 Weekly DEMO CONTEST – Terms

Can register one account for Each client.

each round of the contest Each client requires registering a new account.

Disclaimer: The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!
FBS » Bimonthly Demo Contest, Cash Prizes

10 Reviews

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  1. Wow, such an interesting contest on the FBS demo account contest.
    I have never encountered any other broker that would run the feasts on the DEMO. And what is more important, these guys are even ready to pay cash to those who will represent themselves better than the others. Omg, FBS never ceases to amaze us, actually.
    In many cases such contests are signs of the broker’s development. It stimulates traders to use demo account because not all rookies understand the importance of the demo trading, especially since there’s a cent account which, they believe, suits training purposes better.

    1. Eduardo Valenzuela

      By participating in this contest you can trade any way you want without fear of losing money.

  2. Oh, I love such things like trading tournaments!
    They boost my motivation and also spice things up when trading gets boring.

  3. FBS demo contest? Sounds pretty thrilling, taking into account that the majority of brokers run such campaigns only on the real account, while this one proffers to trade with virtual money to win real ones. Oh my god…
    These guys excel at arranging feasts, without a doubt.
    That is the reason why I continue trusting this company and work with them fruitfully. They just know how to run business.

  4. Oh, that’s something new! I like their idea that trading without risk can bring you money, assuming you trade better than everyone else.

  5. That’s why I like reading reviews… you can learn a lot about your broker even if you trade with it. I didn’t know about this contest until now, and I am gonna give it a try…

  6. Demo contest 😀 Nice one, I mean, it’s a pretty unique approach to entice new traders. I guess by thi contest fbs broker tried to appeal to beginning traders who are still hesitating about trading on the real account but freely operate on the demo. Well… we all were in such a situation back i nthe day. dunno whether the contest is still running, but I’d look at the results.

    1. The contest is not running at the moment, but I would’ve loved to participate.

  7. Hm, quite attractive demo contests. I am not sure whether it is done now by the broker, it has to be clarified. But anyway, I find this type of contest a good way to polish trading skills.

  8. I think that for those traders who dream of becoming cool professionals, competitions like this are exactly what they need 😉

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