Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

How Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms Work

If you are starting to read this, then you are likely to have made up your mind to dip your feet in the crypto space, and you’re wondering what crypto trading platforms are and how they work? You are in the right place. Relax, take a seat, and read on to update your knowledge on cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Top cryptocurrency trading platforms

So What Are Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms?

Before you start a crypto investment, you need a crypto trading platform. Crypto trading platforms are simply a place or platform where crypto traders buy, sell, or exchange different cryptocurrencies for profits. If you want to trade cryptos professionally, you need a trading platform that has all the trading tools and would require you to verify your ID before opening an account. On the other hand, if you want to trade on a part-time basis, there are also cryptocurrency trading platforms you can leverage without opening an account.

Since there are thousands of cryptocurrency trading platforms on the market, settling for one can be confusing. So what are the things to look out for before jumping on a platform? Read on to find out!

What To Look Out For In A Crypto Trading Platform

Before you settle for a platform, it is very important to do your research and due diligence. The following are some of the things you should look out for before making your first trade;

  • Reputation: One of the best ways to determine a real or genuine crypto trading platform is to research its reputation. You can research a platform’s reputation by perusing other users’ review and comment on the platform. Plus, you can ask questions on crypto forums like BitcoinTalk, Bitcoingarden, Altcointalk, Cryptocurrency forum and others. There are equally high-quality platforms like Reddit, Quora, and others to get such information.
  • Fees: Any platform you intend settling for should have their fees displayed on their website. Before creating an account with them, ensure you understand their deposit, withdrawal, and transaction fees. Note that; No two platforms have the same fees!
  • Payment Methods: Payment method is another item to check before joining any crypto trading platform. Do they accept PayPal, Credit/Debit cards or Wire transfer? You might want to look out for a platform that has limited payment options; remember that buying cryptos using credit/debit card comes with lots of risks and ID verification. Also, buying cryptos with wire transfer method takes time for banks to process your transaction. Put all these into consideration before trading.
  • Verification Requirements: So many trading platforms require users to verify their identity. This is to forestall scams and fraud of all kinds. Ensure you settle for a platform that verifies user ID.
  • Geographical Restrictions: Some trading features offered by some cryptocurrency trading platforms are only accessible in certain countries. Therefore, ensure the platform you intend settling for allows full access to their trading features in your country.


Settling for a cryptocurrency trading platform that would meet your needs, whether you are a professional or newbie trader can be time-consuming and confusing. Remember to pay attention to the platform’s security, reputation, fees, geographical services, and verification processes. Also, remember that you are not limited to a single crypto trading platform. You can subscribe to as many platforms as you want.

And one more thing.

What cryptocurrency trading platform are you currently using? Let us know by using the comment box below.

Happy trading!

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  1. i will study more about cryptocurrency for deeper understanding. thanks for the informative news..

  2. Thanks so much for the educative topic on how to trade cryptocurrency.

    I have registered with LUNO trading platform, but haven’t really started trading with them, is LUNO a good platform for trading cryptocurrency.


  3. We have been in a massive mess with Ace Trades! I can’t seem to get a response from the SEC and the trading company is hitting us fees like crazy! I do not know what to do!

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